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OCT 8—11 2014
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Welcome to the 2015 FashioNXT Wearable Technology Fashion Competition for the most fashionable wearable technology design concept.

Judging Panel

  • Seth Aaron - Fashion designer, winner of Project Runway season 7.
  • Matt Rhoades - Design Lead, Nike
  • Mark Francis - Venture Lead, New Business Initiative, Intel
  • Amanda Parkes - Wearable Technology lead, Manufacture NY
  • Todd Harple - Wearable Experience Strategist, Intel
  • Paolo Malabuyo - Design Director, Netflix

About the Competition   

The purpose of this competition is to inspire innovative thinking to go beyond and above making technology wearable to making it fashionable and most importantly worn. Imagine and design what has not been imagined before. Stretch the imagination on all ideas fashionable with no limits or boundaries. Change the status quo on how the world experiences the use of technology through fashion.

Conceptual designs are encouraged to be fashion forward with use of innovative technology design methodologies and proposed materials. Design concepts do not have to be currently feasible. The technology specifications are not part of the competition criteria. The competition’s sole focus is on the fashion forwardness of the conceptual designs and the designs ability to motivate the audience to desire the product concept. 

The finalists and winner will receive recognition of their talent by having their design concepts showcased at the 2015 FashioNXT runway show and receiving national and international press.  A prize package will be awarded to the winner of the most fashionable wearable technology design concept, details below.   

Prize Package

  • Winner's certifcate with the signature of the top industry leader judges
  • Feature on FashioNXT.net
  • Finalists showcased at FashioNXT 2015 Show 
  • Free exhibit at FashioNXT 2016 Show

How to Participate   

The Wearable Technology Fashion Competition is open to anyone with fashionable ideas – creatives of all types, students, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, technologists, and visionary thinkers.
To Participate, submit the following about your design concept online.  

  • 200 Word Description of Functionality
  • Conceptual Drawings / Sketches                            
  • Optional: One Minute Video

Contestants are required to submit their design concept by September 1. Three finalists will be determined by industry experts and announced on September 15. The finalists will have their designs showcased on the FashioNXT Runway screen on October 8 in Portland, Oregon at which one contestant will emerge as the winner of the most fashionable wearable technology design concept. All participants must be 16 or older. Finalists have to cover their own travel cost to FashioNXT.

Judging Criteria

  • Fashion Forwardness
  • Innovation and Originality of Design
  • Functionality of Technology Application   

What is Wearable Technology?

Wearable Technologies are devices, clothing and accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies. The designs often incorporate practical functions and features, but may also have a purely aesthetic agenda.  Current examples in the market or in development include clothing with sensors and accessories like watches, glasses and wristbands.

Intellectual Property

The protection of any intellectual property is the sole responsibility of the Contestant. Submitting a design concept grants FashoiNXT the right to publicly display the submission in part or in whole for the purpose of administering this competition and future FashioNXT promotions.

FashioNXT Media Kit>>   

Here are the 2014 Competiton Finalists:

From the overwhelming number of submissions our esteemed judging panel selected the top three finalists, and with the help of audience participation selected the winner to receive the prize package. 


By James Kernan  
The Killers Suit
By Dillon Chen 
The 314
By Theodora Koullias
A stylish bracelet designed for both men and women that charges smartphones and other electonics. 
A light emitting performance suit constructed of flexible OLEDs that translate live sound inot light and color using an Arduino micro controller.  The winner of 2014 Competition A luxury handbag with LED ambient lighting and a seamlessly integrated TSA approved power source for charging smartphones and other electronics

Details of 2014 Competition>>

Competition Sponsors

Digital Trends         
  Intel           Oregon Entrepreneurs Network     Lexus Of Portland                                                                              


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